Change the pattern of thinking to change your life as told by Legends.

Poverty is not a miserable state or situation where one lack money or starve for food. It is a bad state of mind. Which eventually reflects in outside world.

How many of you got jealous when your Colleague/Friend got promotion in Job? How many of you felt bad when your neighbours bought new house or new Car?  How many had a negative emotion when one of your friend /relative became millionaire?

How many of you questioned yourself for being Poor??

How many of you cursed others for being Poor??

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When something bad happens we curse and blame others for our failure. Question arises within Ourselves that whether God exist or not?or what we have done so bad to be in this situation??

These are the questions which makes us very poor in all aspects.These negative emotions towards others and oneself makes limited access to our mind….

In reality we do not have any problem .The problem lies within our mind not outside .When God created Earth he didn’t create Poverty .He didn’t create Rich or Poor .It is we who discriminated everything through hate/Jealous/ sad feeling and Depressed state of mind. When we keep thinking bad to others that bad comes in reverse and same thing happens to us one or the other way .When we are depressed and think that we are not capable or we do not have that talent to survive. By thinking only negative thoughts, we dwell in that reality and finally end up with that reality itself.

Once for all change the pattern you think .Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Dwell your mind by thinking about beautiful things which you have around you. Change the paradigm which enables you to dwell in another reality eventually it will become true.

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At this moment do not see the past or future enjoy the present and Embrace the feeling .At this moment close your eyes and meditate turn all your sufferings into happiness and Joy.

This is the Vibration and feeling which will change your World. Because entire World Operates on Energy, Frequency and Vibration as per Nikola Tesla, which can change any situation in life into success and riches. But try to sustain in that Vibration and Frequency most of the time, then your eyes will see the miracles, your ears will hear the Words of Success. All Situations will completely change in your life.

After Reading  all these I hope none of you will feel Poor ,Bad, Sad or Depressed  again .So let’s all travel in the present enjoy the present, dwell in the happiness in this moment. Let us decide what we want and how our life should be. Let’s all have Prosperous, Wealthy and Healthy life by changing the pattern of thinking…

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