Shift manifestation techniques for Abundance

The Entire Universe Reciprocates to the wish and desire once you put across in proper direction. The most significant rule of life is ask and receive whatever you desire by manifestation techniques that is been tried with the intention of getting your desires fulfilled. One of the main technique to manifest your desires early is 5*55 Technique. The main meaning of this method is aligning your desires with 5 elements of the Universe Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space .This helps in rewiring and restructuring the Subconscious mind. When you require your subconscious mind to fasten up the process at the earliest within 5 days this process helps to manifest the burning desires into reality.

Credit to Pixabay

The main aspect is an affirmations of one sentence which involves and put across with all your burning desires like Examples below:

1 .I am a multimillionaire, I am manifesting all good things of the Universe right now.

2 .All Wonderful,Divine,Amazing and all Royal luxurious things in the World is happening to me right now.

3. I already have a beautiful and Wonderful relationships and everlasting love affection.

These above magical affirmations can change any one’s life.(You can use your own affirmations as well)

When you start writing and repeating these words continuously in a sheet of paper 55 times a day for 5 consecutive days. While writing completely involve your thoughts and feelings in writing feel each and every word, enjoy it completely then the magic begins. The pattern of thoughts starts to change and align yourself with new belief system where your subconscious mind allows you to acknowledge your beliefs. Try to write the statement in the present tense so that when you state it in the wish fulfilled state,Universe helps you to acquire and conquer anything you ask for. Gratitude plays one of the most significant role for the accomplishment of your desires, which you achieve by sending thanks and love to Universe .Universe try to give in return abundance of what you asked for. Our subconscious mind is habitual that it creates what it feels, vibrates and resonates.

The Universe has given God within us in the form of our subconscious mind which operates 95 % of our human mind only 5% is operated by our Conscious mind so when you are using manifestation techniques make sure that you completely indulge yourself in that method and belief that whatever you asked for will come to you in one or the other way.

ASK YOUR FUTURE SELF(Parallel Universe)

This is an advanced technique which allows you to see the Successful you through the inspiration and the powerful action of the future you.

When you imagine yourself in the future and see as accomplished, highly qualified and Successful person from that point of you what all suggestion, ideas, inspiration, advise, steps can be given to the current you .By doing this in regular intervals your subconscious mind starts rewiring and helps you to analyse where you are lacking and helps to organize to become the new you.


This is the most powerful technique of all because you can manifest your desires in jet speed. Before 30 minutes of sleep imagine yourself to be the person, achievement or success you want to achieve and dwell in the reality that you are already pursuing it or achieved it.  Once you have acknowledge with the feelings of happiness,joy and delight. You can continue to sleep with same emotions and morning once you wake up repeat the same process as previous night and then you can continue with your daily routines.

One more technique is before sleep make sure that you watch pleasant videos of which you desire example you want to become millionaire watch million dollars money for 30 minutes, imagine that you are already feeling that your touching and feeling money/billion dollar check. If you want perfect relationship see the video of best couple and enjoy and feel the moment as if you are enjoying with your connection. Because at night subconscious mind will be completely active, whatever you desire will come in double or triple. The entire Universe will resonate more than 1000 times than in the day time so please make use of this opportunity.


Fifth dimensional consciousness is when you start thinking in terms of energy ,frequency,vibration by leaving all emotional baggages of past at the bay and living in the present ‘NOW’ moment.

During meditation imagine that whatever your intentions/desires are getting fulfilled in the current moment,behave as if you have accomplished your desires  with the massive success .Imagine this again and again several times a day,week,months until you feel that you attain that success in reality.


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