How to manifest what you want???

When you use the Power of Words and Power of thoughts in proper direction you can change the Universe for you!! Yes you heard that right!!.The entire Universe listens to your Words, Vibrates to the Thoughts in which you Operate. When your thoughts and Words are Divine, you will start to sync to the frequency of the Universe. Then the entire universe starts listening to you .You will automatically start manifesting your desires .Everything automatically starts coming towards you without much effort.

Affirmations are practiced to change the pattern you think so that your subconscious mind tries and grasps the things to change our belief system.95%of our life is operated by subconscious mind.5% is operated by Conscious mind. So it is required to practice positive affirmations repeatedly and quite often to change the pattern of thoughts.

When you raise your Conscious you will no longer be human you will start becoming God. You will explore new ways of manifesting and you eventually travel into other dimensions.